Students, staff suffer tighter budget cuts

After a long, ten week vacation, summer break came to a close. And with that, came a tighter school district budget.

“It has been harder to get the supplies that we needed this year than last,” Shannon Owens, communications teacher said.

The School District of Palm Beach County received a reduced budget from the Florida Department of Education.

The tighter budget, about $43.2 million less than last year, was because the Florida State Legislature cut back on education and other infrastructure items, such as the construction of roads and government buildings, according to

Daisy Linares-Womble, social studies teacher said, “I have had to spend much more money than I have ever had to on my classroom before.”

With tighter budgets for the county, come tighter budgets for the schools.

The Bak MSOA Foundation, an organization created to support the school and funding school arts, including the Portfolio Newspaper and Organized Chaos in the past, has made donations of supplies to teachers in need. Also, parents have adopted a class, which provides teachers with money towards supplies.

“Parents have been an amazing help to the class, by supporting and ‘adopting’ us,” Lisa Hanser, social studies teacher said.

But, teachers that teach in the arts area may have to have more supplies, depending on the art area. However, students have been asked to pay art fees to cover the cost.

“We don’t really have as much money as we used to, so we have to hold fundraisers to pay out those funds, such as the Care Package fundraiser and the donut fundraiser,” Owens said.

As expected, budget cuts, especially in education makes an impact.

Linares-Womble said, “I hope next year this can all be resolved and we can have a bigger budget.”