Mainstage Theater under renovation; to cause problems


The Mainstage theater suffered water damage during summer months and was under renovation, void of all students for one month.

“This was a bad event that happened at an unfortunate time,” Dave Ullom, theater  tech said.

The renovation of the Mainstage theater initiated Sept. 23. It is scheduled to finish on Nov. 1. During the construction period students will not be allowed on the stage. However due to campus tours, the seating  will remain open.

“[This event] affects a lot of students,” Ullom said. “However the band majors will be most greatly affected.”

“All of the October performances will have to be moved elsewhere.  Most being at Gardens High School.” Sally Rosanski, principal said.

“It really is difficult to move the performances,” Rosanski said. “It’s hard work to get all the materials moved to the new location.

Although the stage was under renovation it will not affect anything surrounding the building.

“The art gallery as well as the classes in the theater hallway will remain open,” Ullom said.

The damage to the flooring was caused by an incident with the sprinklers on the roof. Water accidently drip down over the summer, seeping into the floor and destroying it over the course of months.

Rosanski said, “It was very unfortunate to have this happen. But if you look on the bright side we are going to have a brand new stage.”