‘The Maze Runner’ surprises audience with action packed film

“The Maze Runner” hit theaters Sept. 19, bringing excitement to audiences of all ages. The movie was an adaption of James Dashner’s bestselling book. On opening weekend, it brought in approximately $32 million, ranking number one internationally.

Thomas (Dylan O’Brien), wakes up in a rising box, with no memory of how he got there or of his past life. When the box stops rising, he is greeted by a large group of teenage boys, who are trapped in a secluded area with a mysterious maze. Soon after his arrival, the first girl ever to be sent, comes in a comatose state, bringing a sinister message.

The plot was intriguing and left the audience hooked, waiting for what would happen next. The realistic set design added to the effect. Unlike in most teen movies, there was not a budding romance between the main characters, which was what made the movie stand out.

I felt the acting quality of O’Brien was void of emotion and character. They showed some emotion, but I could not tell what kind of person Thomas and Teresa were. I found the actors of the minor roles had more personality than the major actors.

“The Maze Runner” was a fantastic movie, besides the acting quality of some roles. Wes Ball, the director, put together an outstanding movie. The set design and the casting of most of the characters were expertly done with