Summer’s sports bring excitement, disappointment

As the Stanley Cup, the pro Hockey championship was winding down, the NBA Finals were starting up. As the NBA Finals were coming to a close, the World Cup was beginning. This summer in sports provided a variety of sports for fans around the world.

“[My favorite event was the] World Cup. The match I enjoyed most was USA vs. Portugal. It was actually the most watched Team USA soccer game in history,” Mr. Ryan, PE coach said.

The World Cup was definitely a summer flip in America. This year’s final between Germany and Argentina hit 26.5 million viewers according to CBS Sports. The 26.5 million viewers in this year’s final were 2.2 million more than the 24.3 million viewers in 2010. The 2010 match was between Spain and Netherlands.

“[Because the USA went so far], it does create better interest than had we not even qualified for the World Cup. I watched the majority of all the games, not just the US. But, it definitely helps that the US is doing well,” Ryan said.

Although the US Men’s National Team went so far, their elimination was disappointing to some Americans.

“I think that Team USA had some great chances throughout the World Cup. They just didn’t capitalize,” Julian Leahy, seventh grade band major said.

The World Cup was one of the most successful sporting events of the summer, generating $4 billion in revenue, 66% more than the 2010 World Cup. The NBA Finals peaked at 22.4 million viewers in game five. That is 4.2 million less than the World Cup Final had.  The NBA Finals had 26.3 million people in game seven last year. The ratings decline is why The Finals were a flop.

“I expected [the NBA Finals] to be a lot closer, considering the finals last year. It was a shock that the Heat lost,” Leahy said.

Another summer flop was the MLB All-Star Game. This year’s game had approximately 11 million viewers as opposed to approximately 15 million five years ago.

“In the past, the summer had always been about baseball. This summer we had some things going on that actually meant something. The NBA Finals used to end in May, now they go into June. We had the FIFA World Cup. We had the World Cup in basketball. There was actually stuff for me to watch, other than game 52, Marlins vs. Diamondbacks, which nobody could care less about,” Ryan Said.

This summer was one of the most highly anticipated summers in sports history. There was soccer, basketball, baseball, and even hockey. The biggest flip of the summer was the World Cup. The biggest flop was the NBA Finals.

Ryan said, “I find that the older I get, the less I follow teams, the more I follow the sports. It’s not as much about the team anymore, but more about enjoying the sport.”