School buys new Common Core textbooks

As the Florida State Legislature required every school in Florida to teach the new Florida Standards, the School District of Palm Beach County did not have enough state allocated funds to supply new math textbooks because of their obligation to purchase new English Language Arts textbooks.

“We had no idea what we were going to do because our current textbooks only covered about 40 percent of the new standards,” Sue Ellrich, math teacher said.

The school purchased the math textbooks because it met with the new standards for all grades.

“Bak MSOA decided to ask parents to ‘pitch in’ and contribute to the purchase of math textbooks for grades six through eight,” Principal Sally Rozanski said.

The school district Textbook Adoption Committee selected GO Math! textbooks. This committee was comprised of parents, teachers, curriculum experts and community members.

GO Math! is a Florida-based textbook company ranging in textbooks from K-8. The difference between GO Math! and any other regular textbook is that GO Math! is a consumable textbook, so students can write in the textbook.

As for algebra and geometry students, the district will provide new textbooks for use in these high school courses.

“I’m very excited for the new textbooks, and they are supposed to be coming in the middle of October,” Melanie Ayuso-DeAngelis, math teacher said.

The Math teachers believed that buying the textbooks would have a positive effect on student learning.

Rozanski said, “We decided to purchase the math textbooks so our teachers and students would have the needed resources to excel in math.”