Chilly weather brings different opinions on cold

Winter arrived and the public bundled up for the chilly weather coming. In the north, snow started falling and in Florida, the temperature dropped to a surprisingly low temperature such as temperatures in the 50s and 60s, leaving people shivering and desperately reaching for warmth. Students had different views on what they thought was cold.

“I like cold weather because in other states, cold weather means snow and I only experienced snow when I was a baby so I want to experience it again,” Sara Bartels, sixth grade visual major said.

According to USA Today, the coldest temperature ever recorded in Millsboro, Florida was two degrees below zero Fahrenheit. It was on Feb. 13, 1899.

“[Temperatures that I consider cold are] 40 and 30 degrees Fahrenheit,” Samuel Rosenkranz, seventh grade theater major said.

Around the nation there were a variety of winter temperatures, from below freezing, to a mild cool temperature, like Florida had. According to the Miami Weather website, the December 2013 and January 2014 winter, was ranked as one of the warmest winters on record with the average temperature in West Palm Beach being 70.7 F, 3.5 degrees higher than the normal temperature.

“I do like Florida winters because it isn’t frigid weather but I dislike it because there’s no snow,” Bartels said.

The 2014-15 winter is expected to bring frigid temperatures and students are looking forward to the change from the usual heat.