Fantasy football rapidly growing in US.

Fantasy football is a sort of online sport. Fantasy football players draft real NFL players to their team. The fantasy teams earn points based on how the players on their team perform that week. The goal is to have more total points than the opponent does at the end of each week.

Fantasy football is one of the fastest growing fantasy sports in the country. According to Sports Business Daily, fantasy football registrations went up 40 percent from 2011 to 2012. Fantasy Sports Trade Association projects that 26 million people will play this year.

“It just works well. You can choose whether to put no effort into it, or you can choose to put a ton of effort into it,” George Ryan, PE teacher said, “I have played fantasy basketball before and it’s very monotonous. You have guys in every night, there’s not a lot of strategy involved. In fantasy football, there is a ton of strategy involved. It almost all comes down to Sunday and it makes for a big day.”

It seems like a good system in Ryan’s eyes, but some see an issue. Instead of playing for fun or bragging rights, some people risk a lot of money, possibly their life savings just to play fantasy football.

“If you’re in a financial situation to play for money, then go ahead, but it’s not worth risking your life savings. It’s sometimes good to just sit back and play for fun and pride,” Julian Leahy, seventh grade band major said.

All fantasy football players have different reasons why they enjoy fantasy football.

Ryan said, “I enjoy it because it makes every game interesting. It could be Jacksonville at Tampa Bay on a Thursday night and the game is always interesting some way or another. Whether it is someone I added or someone my opponent added, there is always interest in every single game across the board.”