The newest way to locate lost valuables

A needle in a haystack, an expression that has come to apply to many objects lost by an individual. Now thanks to an innovative company’s new product, Tile locator, users no longer need to experience much anxiety.

Released this year by a small company, Tile, was designed to track the position of misplaced items. At first glance it’s physical structure, a small white rounded rectangle bearing the company name “Tile”. Its size makes it convenient, portable, lightweight and most of all forgettable. The Tile Locator has a battery life span of one year allowing it to be left unattended for months without constant maintenance.

Working alongside with the “Tile” its companion app. The app links the position of the actual tile to the user’s phone. When the Tile gets lost, the phone knows its location. The app lets users keep track of up to eight tiles at once.

Other features of the tile app include its ability to remember the last place the tile was seen by the user’s phone or anyone else with the tile app open. When someone begins to search for a missing item, the app will display the strength of the tiles signal as a circle with bars. Whenever the user gets near the tile the bars start to fill in notifying that they are getting closer. Users can also set the Tile to ring in case it needs to be found by sound.

If a tile gets lost, not only will the linked phone work to guide its user back to the items location but other phones running the Tile app will also anonymously  guide them.

While all the features included in tile have an important function, the device is limited by the fact that tile can only keep track of things over a 100 foot area. Once out of range the user’s phone can no longer track its current position. After Tile’s battery runs out another replacement is available from the Tile website for $20.

Tiles are available for pre-order      on their official website ( and will ship within 30 days of purchase.