Room Alive allows for interactive virtual gaming.


The power button lit up with its familiar green glow. The TV displayed a quick animation “Xbox 360” it reads. A profile was selected and in no time the final boss fight comes up. Things just got real when all of a sudden, the fight goes from the TV screen to the entire living room.

Room Alive was designed by Microsoft’s research team. Its concept, to transform any room to an immersive, augmented entertainment experience.

While the project is still in its prototype phase, it’s more advanced than any other of its kind such as IllumiRoom.

Room Alive works along with the Kinect for Xbox 360. The Kinect acts as a sensor, and the projector displays the graphics onto walls, furniture, and anything else that might be found in the living room.

Room Alive uses six projectors to animate the entire room while the Kinect’s sensors are used to make the whole display interactive. With its many projectors, Room Alive tracks the users head as he or she moves about in the room, and shifts the images to their perspective. Also with Room Alive, users can shoot, touch, stomp, dodge, and steer projected content that seems to be a part of their surroundings.

Installing the Room Alive system can be nearly effortless, as the Kinects calibrate everything themselves without any user help.

While Room Alive may just be a concept for now, and it does not look like it will be released any time soon, it’s just a matter of refining the product