Are you as sweet as these sweets?


Candy bars were invented by Joseph Fry in 1847 in England. Ever since, the candy industry has been dominated by Mars Inc., Hershey’s, and Nestle. These three companies make some of the most recognizable candy bars ever. Do you know the history behind these iconic sweets?
1. Some peoples’ favorite little chocolates are shaped like hearts and share the name of a bird. However, they are not named after the bird, but after the company’s original ice cream bar.

  1. Dove
  2. The Mars family named this nougat, peanut, and caramel filled candy bar and covered in chocolate after their favorite horse.
  3. Snickers
  4. Stay in the galaxy for this candy name. This Mars Inc. candy bar is named after a popular milk drink in 1923.
  5. Milky Way
  6. These small morsels are named after a collaboration between the son of Frank Mars, Forrest Mars and the son of Hershey’s president Bill Murrie, Bruce Murrie.
  7. M&Ms
  8. Can’t drop the ball with the name of this candy. This Nestle candy got its name from a naming contest and the name is a synonym for the word klutz.
  9. Butterfingers
  10. Off to Germany with this candy’s name. This small candy block’s name is derived from the German word Pfefferminz, which means peppermint in English.
  11. Pez
  12. This candy filled with peanut butter and coated with Hershey’s chocolate and is named after its creator H.B. Reese.
  13. Reese’s
  14. This Nestle candy bar has two theories behind its name. Many claim it is named after a Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees hall of famer. Nestle insists it is named as a tribute to Grover Cleveland’s daughter who died at the age of 12.
  15. Baby Ruth.
  16. This Mars Inc. candy bar’s name is misleading with its current design. When it was released in 1932, there were three bars in a pack. Each bar had a different flavor, either vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry. Now, the bars have a whipped chocolate filling and a chocolate outside.
  17. 3 Musketeers.
  18. These small heart shaped candies were invented by Oliver R. Chase. These candies have different sayings like, “Be Mine,” “Kiss Me,” “Call Me,” etc.
  19. Sweethearts.
  20. Man Overboard! This round candy is named after a flotation device on boats. It can also save you from bad breath in public.
  21. Life Saver.
  22. Mars Inc. first introduced this chocolate and caramel candy bar to Europe as the Raider bar, but is now known worldwide by the original American name.
  23. Twix.