Unwrapping flavors: A chocolate review

According to the Beverage Forum, the market for chocolate increased by 2.5 percent in 2014, and chocolate then became the most popular candy in the United States. I therefore reviewed the top four brands of milk chocolate.


Dove Chocolate

Dove Milk Chocolate was sold at the price of $1.19 for 1.44oz. This price seemed suitable for the quality of the chocolate. Dove was not packaged well enough, being that it only had one thin layer of wrapping,  however had a strong consistency, so as not to melt in ones fingers. It tasted fresh, and was sufficiently creamy, though not sweet enough for my liking. Dove maintained its structure while in my mouth, and was unfortunately hard to break down. It did not satisfy me fully after chewing for so long. Dove lasted for too extensive a time in my mouth, and did not leave the most pleasant after taste. It did, however, satisfy my craving for chocolate. Noting both Dove’s positive qualities and negative, I rate the chocolate an overall 3 out of 5 stars.

Hershey’s Chocolate

   Hershey’s Chocolate was priced at $1.19 for 1.55oz, a price which did not seem to suit the quality of the chocolate. Hershey’s melted in my fingers, and did not maintain structure through the transfer of lifting the chocolate from my hands, and in to my mouth. It also did not strike me as fresh, nor did it have the amount of cream needed to create the perfect chocolate bar. I was, however, able to derive one positive quality from the multitude of negative aspects of Hershey’s chocolate, this being its sweetness. Hershey’s had just the right amounts of sugar to create that perfectly sweet taste. The packaging of the chocolate was adequate, and could have been better, being that the chocolate broke just in the process of unwrapping. Overall, I rate Hershey’s a 2 out of 5 stars.

Lindt Chocolate

   Lindt chocolate was priced at $2.48 for 3.5oz., a price that very well suited the quality of the chocolate. Lindt was just creamy enough, and had the perfect amount of sweetness. It was packaged spectacularly, with 2 layers of protection, ensuring that the chocolate would not break or crack before consumption. It also tasted fresh and melted in my mouth, revealing its perfect consistency. Lindt was the most flavorful of all the chocolates, and left a very pleasant aftertaste, which consisted of a less powerful rendition of the tatse of the actual chocolate itself.  Compared to all other chocolates reviewed, Lindt was by far the best, being that it soared above the standards expected of the taste. The chocolate fully satisfied my craving in a delightful manner. I rate Lindt 5 out of 5 stars.


Godiva Chocolate

   Godiva chocolate was priced at $2.23 for 3.5oz. This price seemed suitable for the quality of the chocolate, which was stellar. Godiva featured the perfect amount of cream, and was wrapped very nicely. Similar to Lindt, the packaging secured the chocolate in two layers. Godiva also was comparable to Lindt in that it had that same “melt-in-your-mouth” consistency, and it maintained its structure, unlike Hershey’s. Godiva tasted the freshest of all the chocolate brands. Though it had many tasty aspects, however, sweetness was not one of them. Godiva chocolate was satisfying in every single category looked at other than the sweet taste that I did not find while reviewing it. However, being that this was the only area the chocolate faltered, I rate Godiva a 4 out of 5 stars.