New year brings new goals to accomplish

Fireworks brighten up the sky. Shining “light” on what was to be of the New Year. Resolutions are made as the ball drops signaling the goals that people want to accomplish.

According to, the top five New Year resolutions were to get in shape, eat healthy, save money, and crack down on schoolwork.

“The important things about New Year resolutions are that no matter what you try to change, it can help you become happier,” Lillian Khanna, seventh grade communications major, said.

Although many people do not keep the resolutions they made, according to CNN Student News 10 percent out of the 45 that make resolutions follow them.

“I like New Year resolutions because they give a standard to reach. It is a way of setting goal you have to fight to accomplish. It can teach the skill of following through,” Richard Leonard, eighth grade communications major, said.

New Year resolutions are supposed to make a better life for those who decide to make them, but people make resolutions that don’t look like they make a difference in their life. According to stated that the reasons for failed resolutions are that they are truthfully unrealistic and are fueled by fear or anger. Those resolutions fall short as the drive decreases. Resolutions are supposed to consist of simple things, which anyone can do to make their life better.

“I think people make New Year resolutions, just to make people look and feel differently about them,” Alexis Effenberger, seventh grade communication major said.

Though New Year resolutions may feel like an unsurmountable mountain, they are made to make a plan for the years to come, especially 2015.