Reading Plus could provide next big jump in reading growth in the PBCSD.

Reading Plus is not a favorite among students. Complaints about the workload and content were heard a lot as the semester wound down.

However, with a little research, Reading Plus seems to have a positive effect on other schools, boosting standardized testing results. Reading Plus is good for students because of its results.

According to, 33 percent of seventh graders in Palm Beach County received a 3 achievement score for the 2010 FCAT Reading. There were about 13 thousand seventh graders in the county’s school system which means that about 4,290 of them received a level 3. Only 1,560 of them received a level 5.

For eighth grade students in Palm Beach County, only 58 percent of students achieved a level 3 or higher. Only five percent of students achieved a level 5. For sixth grade, 68 percent achieved a level 3 or higher. Eleven percent of sixth graders received a level 5.

Not only does our county need it, but the district said that they implemented it because it worked so well in other places in other places.

“Reading Plus was selected by the district because of the positive results at schools that had already implemented the program,” Kathy Burstein, district spokeswoman said.

One study conducted in the Miami-
Dade County school district showed that “Reading Plus had a significant positive effect at all levels of ability at all grades.” That shows that Reading Plus can work for anyone, even students who are already good readers.

In conclusion, Reading Plus should stay in Palm Beach County because it will help you read better, because the district had low FCAT reading scores, and because it worked effectively in other places.