Bak soccer stars shine bright


Neon soccer cleats dash across the narrow field, receiving and passing the ball to their teammates. The goalie stands ready in front of the large net, anticipating a shot. Finally, a ball comes soaring through the air towards the top right hand corner of the goal. The goalie jumps, but the ball slips through her hands and into the net.

“[I like playing soccer] because it is something that you can do during your free time and it’s really fun to do. I also like playing soccer because its good for your body,” Giovanna Ulazeck, striker said.

The girls soccer team consisted of nine eighth graders, three seventh graders, and five seventh graders, adding up to 16 girls. The team’s new coach this season was Lauren Goepfert.

“I think this season will be really successful because we have a lot of good players that didn’t try out last year and we are motivated,” Taryn Reagan,  center defender said.

After concluding tryouts, the new team got right to practicing for upcoming games. The main aspect that the team got to practicing was to improve the chemistry between the players so that they could construct some plays on the field.

“I think that if we learn to understand each other and learn to pass better, we can go really far. Everyone needs to put a lot of effort into it and try to attend as many practices and games as possible,” Ulazeck said.

The girls soccer team played with 11 players on a full sized field. Each position on the team had it’s own responsibility. The offense exists to attack and score goals. The midfields represent the backbone of the team, constructing goal-making opportunities for the offense. The defense acts like a wall, preventing the offense from the other team to penetrate and score.

“I play stopper which is part of the defense. I like this position because if anybody manages to get past me I know that I can always sprint back and try to stop them from scoring,” Reagan said.

The school soccer league consists of nine league games and then county playoffs. The girls soccer team have a reputation of going to the playoff, judging from the last couple of years.

“I like to play soccer because it lets me forget all the bad thoughts going through my mind and I can just focus on what I am doing. I just love it!” Olivia Larson, striker said.

So far the team has played four games and is at two wins and two losses. They lost their first game 0-3 against Jupiter middle but came back and won their next game 8-0 against Howell Watkins. They lost against Duncan but won against Howell Watkins.

Although the Bak soccer Stars have not had their best season so far, they all share an undeniable passion for soccer.

Kate Kollar-Dye, center midfielder said, “Soccer is my way to blow off steam. Whenever I am having a bad day, kicking a ball around always makes it better. I play soccer because I simply love it. All my problems go away when there is a ball at my feet.”