MathCounts wins the Chapter Competition, will advance to the State Competition in March

On Feb. 3, 13 Bak students participated in a math tournament at Royal Palm Beach High School.

“I felt nervous because there was a lot of competition and tension,” Anthony Li, seventh grade keyboard major said.

At the competition, students completed math tests and packets and rankings were determined based on how many problems each person got correct.

“[The best part of competing is] winning because you get money and a big trophy,” Li said.

Out of the 350 students who competed, Bak won five of the 12 awards. Diego Chavez, Praveen Anbu, Anish Ravichandran, Christopher Cox, and Li placed. Students were chosen by “first come, first serve,” but other factors were used to decide too.

“People who did better in math than others [mainly competed],” Kevin Kong, sixth grade strings major said.

Competitors had different ways of preparing for the competition. Most did not intensively practice for the competition.

“I didn’t really prepare that much, but I did simple math packets,” Kong said.

MathCounts wins the Chapter Competition and will be advancing to the State Competition in March.

George Zhou, seventh grade keyboard major said, “The tournament was challenging for the brain and made you smarter.”