Students travel to Orlando for 50th anniversary Academic Games National Tournament

From April 24-27, 13 students will attend the 50th anniversary of the Academic Games National Tournament. The tournament will take place in Orlando, Florida.

“It’s a good experience for me because I get to experience the challenge of other players,” Brandon Lee, seventh grade communications major said.

The Academic Games National Tournament is held annually in late spring, in a different location each year. Players from around the country gather together and compete in several different games to see which county and individual players are the best.

Palm Beach County plays two cube games using actual board game kits: Equations, a game that provides the basis for high school math; and LinguiSHTIKs, a game that applies grammar, vocabulary, and writing skills.

Presidents is a reading game that tests competitor’s knowledge of cultural and political events during the different presidencies; and world events, current events of the most recent year, plus a historical theme that varies each year are two of the social studies reading games. Another event in the language arts season is propaganda, recognition of various techniques of persuasion taken from real life events. These events require players to respond to questions or examples that are read aloud to all players.

“[My favorite season is] social studies because it’s indirect competition,” Anthony Li, seventh grade keyboard major said.

In order to qualify to attend nationals, players had to place in the top five in one of the three seasons: Equations, Language Arts (including Propaganda and LinguiSHTIKs) or Social Studies (including Presidents and World Events).

Christopher Cox, sixth grade theater major said, “[I qualified for]

Equations and LinguiSHTIKs.”

Students had different expectations for the national tournament.

Li said, “[I expect it will be] very intense because there are lots of people competing for each game.”