Eighth grade band major Dylan Thomas rocks out in Jumbo Shrimp, band

An eighth grade band major, Dylan Thomas, plays in a local band called Jumbo Shrimp.

“I am part of a music school called the School of Rock. My friend Ben and I were in a room playing around with songs we had written and it sounded good,” Thomas said. “We got a sit in drummer, we started playing together at open mic night and it took off from there.”

Jumbo Shrimp produced an album that can be purchased on iTunes, the songs include “Fall Apart”, “Be With You”, “Glory”, “Who Needs A King”, and “She Walks By”. They were inspired by older popular bands like the Beach Boys, Young the Giant, and other artists. Their new album, “Nostalgia Calls”, will be released this spring.

“We play classic rock, indie, and psychedelic rock music,” Thomas said.

The four members of the band are Dylan Thomas (guitarist, saxophonist, vocalist, and keyboard), Ben Rothschild (guitarist and vocalist), John Cardillo (drummer), and Angel Leiser (bassist).

“I love being a part of Jumbo Shrimp because of the bonds we make and it is fun to be hanging around together,” Thomas said.

Jumbo Shrimp covers songs from bands such as Led Zeppelin and Foo Fighters. They perform two to three times a month.

These band members might even head further into the music industry to obtain a full career.

“Our goal is to just keep performing together as Jumbo Shrimp and impact people,” Thomas said. “We will be performing at Sunfest, which is our greatest accomplishment.”