Todays society relys too heavily on technology

Technology has grown to become a part of a person’s everyday lives and it seems that people cannot live a day without it. It has grown to be so vital in people’s lives that it has affected this generation in so many ways. Everyone has become so immersed to the technology surrounding them that they simply are so dependent on it.
Too much exposure to technology has changed the way people live and function. Although technology is beneficial it is a major problem especially to this generation. According to the follow up 2009 study from the Kaiser Foundation survey, the researchers found on average, young people spent more than seven and a half hours a day interacting with technology unrelated to school.
The attention span of many children and young adults are slowly decreasing due to learning how to go online at a younger age and discovering that most of the time sites automatically load in a blink of an eye. Tiffany Tirtarahardja, eleventh grader at Dreyfoos, said that she quickly exits the tab if it takes longer than a second to load. According to an article by Samantha Kemp-Jackson, Kemp-Jackson agrees that more and more children are going online at younger ages, and simultaneously, their tolerance for page-loading is decreasing.
Although people may think that technology has provided students with better equipment and a better way to learn it has caused many students to rely on technology for help.

According to an article written by Dr. Jim Taylor, Taylor agrees that texting, auto correct, and chatting also have contributed to the decline of student’s inability to spell and have proper grammar. With short abbreviations for words and technology always there to correct spelling mistakes children have a greater reliance on technology to correct them instead of having to learn from mistakes. Isabella Reilly, seventh grade, communications major feels the same way about technology affecting the way she spells on a daily basis, she finds herself sometimes using slang words and abbreviations from texting in her assignments at school, and unfortunately does not usually find these mistakes.

With this generation becoming so immersed into technology children are lacking communication with each other verbally. According to it was noted that the average person checks their phone screen 150 times a day. Although some may think that the advancement of technology has actually helped us interact and communicate online with each other it has also prevented lots of us to communicate face to face.

Anyone can be affected by too much screen time from ages ranging from toddlers to young adults. Most of the time, children do not realize how technology has affected this generation and it is most utterly unbelievable to know how much it has changed the way we act and communicate.

To avoid these effects of too much exposure to technology people can try limiting and controlling the time spent using technology. Not only that but when hanging out with friends try to avoid using technology and just communicate orally.