Peer pressure causes problems for teenagers

Peer pressure is like a seed. It starts out as a small comment like “ew, how could you wear that,” which then sprouts into bullying, which then creates a big tree of depression and unhappy teenagers.

Most bullying incidents involving school age kids sprout from peer pressure. The high amounts of peer pressure are upsetting students, and that is why they should not be influenced by their peers’ opinion.

According to, some kids give into peer pressure because “they worry that other kids might make fun of them if they don’t go along with the group.” I observed this to be true when I saw a student getting bullied for the type of shoes she was wearing to school. This student wore high heel shoes while all of the other students wore sneakers, converse, flip flops, and other more casual shoes.

Besides from bullying, peer pressure can also lead students to things that are bad, or even illegal.  There are many examples of peer pressure having a negative effect on kids.  An example used on, was “a kid in the neighborhood wanting to shoplift.” Even if a good kid may not feel comfortable shoplifting, it may also uncomfortable for them to say reject a person who is supposed to be their friend.

Once a child sees that someone is easily influenced by peer pressure, they will continue to do it.

Peer pressure can positively influence kids, for example, one student influencing another student to do their homework. However, according to, peer pressure is more likely to be negative than positive.

In order to end the negative effects of peer pressure, as a student, there are two simple solutions. The first solution is to avoid being influenced by the opinions of others. Just because a classmate thinks that shirt is “un-cool,” it does not mean that nobody should wear it. People should be able to form their own opinion, without being judged. The second solution is to stop pressuring other students, and people in general. Do not force anybody to do anything that they are not comfortable with, and the negative effects of peer pressure will be eliminated.