Bak sports break records in 2015 season


This year in sports at Bak was one of the most successful in history with two Star teams having reached the county title.

“This year in sports has been a luxury,” George Ryan, PE coach said. “We had two teams reach the finals, and three, maybe even four teams in the playoffs if boys’ volleyball gets in. Maybe this year was an outlier, but success all across the board sets this year apart from last.”

One of the biggest stories of the season was the girls’ basketball team’s championship win against Boca Raton Middle School, 45-41.

“It was awesome for [the girls]. They were very excited to win because they worked hard and did everything I asked them to do. They deserved to win. I am very happy for them,” Ericka Haney, head basketball coach said.

Not only that, but the girls were also the first basketball team in school history to make it that far in the playoffs.

The other championship team at Bak was the boys’ soccer team, who went to the finals for the second straight season, hoping to win the championship once again. However, the boys fell in the title against L.C. Swain.

“This year’s season was more successful than I thought it would be. We made it to the county championship once again, even though we lost good players from last year,” Nick Paglino, seventh grade communications major said.

Other Bak sports had successful seasons this year too. After an 8-1-2 season last year that ended in the playoffs, the girls’ soccer team fought back to the postseason again, before falling 1-0 in overtime in the semifinals.

“Despite girls’ soccer slow start, they were able to turn their year around very nicely to make the playoffs. Had they not had some injury issues, I think they would have had a very good chance to win the county championship,” Ryan said.

Boys baseball also overcame a slow start to their season in 2014. After starting the season 0-2, the team went 4-4 in the final stretch of the season to finish 4-6.

Although they did not come very close to making the playoff, boys’ basketball had a successful season compared to others, winning two games for the first time in about a decade against Conniston and Duncan. The Stars finished 2-8 as opposed to last year’s record of 0-10.

This season in sports was one of the most successful in school history, and Ryan thought that next year could bring more of the same.

“I can’t say that any team’s future is looking down,” Ryan said. “Every team is looking good. For a performing arts school, success like this is very impressive.”