Shots fired: New bullet proof blanket allows for increased security

As of Feb. 12 2014 approximately 44 school shootings have occurred in the United States ever since the Sandy hook shooting in 2012.

In the years following these events, ProTecht, a small company headquartered in Oklahoma has developed and tested a product which they believe will greatly reduce the number of casualties encountered in school shootings.

The bodyguard blanket was designed and built with the same high quality bullet proof material found in military body armor.

The components of the blanket itself include a ballistic seven millimeter thick ultra-high density polyethylene fabric precisely sewn together using heavy-duty nylon. The ultra-high density polyethylene fiber mentioned is an artificial fiber that is virtually 15 times stronger than steel.

Within the inside of the blanket, a impact resistant gel is found which greatly enhances the blanket’s energy absorbing abilities.

Although the outside layers of the blanket are made of tough materials, the real bullet stopping process happens inside. When under fire, the bullets will hit the blanket at high speeds, piercing it primary layers. As a bullet enters the blanket, its materials help “catch” and deform it. This deformation in the bullets structure allows for a high degree of energy absorption.

When designing this “blanket”, Protecht built them to serve a secondary purpose other than just being bullet proof.

According to the official bodyguard blanket website, “[The blanket] was specifically made to also be used as a protective body cover to be used during tornados and damaging weather.”

When tested, it was found that the bodyguard blanket could stop up to 90 percent of bullets fired from frequently used guns in school shootings.

To put on the blanket users must first unfold it then put it on similar to a backpack.