What type of learner are you?

What type of learner are you?
  • In class do you mostly:
  1. Doodle
  2. Talk
  3. Tap your foot or pencil
  • How do you study best
  1. Read
  2. Be quizzed vocally
  3. Write out the study material
  • In class are you the one who:
  1. Observes rather than acts
  2. Likes to answer questions a lot
  3. If called to answer a question, will use their hands to speak
  • When you memorize things do you:
  1. Memorize by seeing pictures and visible things
  2. Memorize by steps in a sequence
  3. Memorize by touching and feeling
  • Are you the type of reader who:
  1. Likes books with lots of words
  2. Only enjoys reading when a book is being read to them
  3. Likes books with puzzles
  • When you are trying to figure out how to spell a word do you
  1. Spell it out and see if it sounds correct
  2. Write what you think it is to see if it looks correct
  3. Write in the air with your finger
  • When trying to decide what you want for dinner at a restaurant
  1. Read the names of the food and decide if they sound appealing from the description
  2. Ask people around you what they’re getting
  3. Point to the different foods and decide whether or not you want them
  • When you see the word dog do you:
  1. Imagine a dog
  2. Remember what a dog’s bark sounds like
  3. Remember a time when you were petting a dog
  • What annoys you during a test
  1. Seeing someone finished before you
  2. Hearing the teacher announce how much time is left
  3. Seeing someone fidgeting
  • During a movie do you:
  1. Watch the movie without reacting
  2. Lean your ears toward the screen to try hear more than see
  3. Hold onto the armrests of the chair

If you answered mostly 1’s then you are primarily a Visual Learner

If you answered mostly 2’s then you are primarily an Auditory Learner

If you answered mostly 3’s then you are primarily a Kinesthetic Learner