Winners of Student Government express opinions on subjects

With the recent Student Government elections starting on Oct. 26, candidates campaigned as much as they could to tell the student body to vote for them.  They used strategies like putting up posters, expressed their ideas to get votes and the recorded speeches.  These are the elected Student Government        officials for the 2016 school year.


Nikita Tanguturi


Ben Gao


Sam Rosenkranz

Sixth grade Senators:

Se’Maj Griffin, Ava Murray and Olivia Arnold

Seventh grade Senators:

Ainhoa Bezerra-Gastesi, Alexandra Watson and Juan Plaza

Eighth grade Senators:

Shaina Franks, Jaylen Sanders and Camila Fred

Vice President:

Ervin Williams


Kevin Ray


“I want to create student of the month, so by helping other kids you get recognized.” Se’Maj Griffin, sixth grade senator said.