History, tradition drives today’s SGA

As the votes were counted, two dozen students sat anxiously in their classes over several days to see if all of their hard work campaigning had paid off and if they would be a Bak Student Government Association [SGA] representative.

In the United States, student government began after college students across the country started to feel that they should have a say in the parts of college life that had an effect on them the most, according to faqs.org.

“In this country, the idea of student government has been around for a while,” Debra Fiore, eighth grade social studies teacher and SGA co-sponsor said. “I was a student government representative when I was in middle school.”

Much like early American student governments, Sharon Campbell, eighth grade social studies teacher and co-sponsor wanted SGA to allow the student body to speak their mind.

“[The purpose of SGA is to] allow our student representatives to get involved with changing our school and to give the student body a way for their voices to be heard,” Campbell said.

Campbell also spoke of how important SGA is to students.

“I think that SGA is important because it gives students a sort of buy-in into the school. I also think that it should give students school pride and that is part of why I got involved,” Campbell said.

Fiore said her goal for SGA was to get representatives actively involved in serving the community.

“My goal is for SGA to get our representatives involved in community service,” Fiore said, “One of the things I had in mind was a holiday book drive.”

Campbell’s goal for SGA revolved around the student body’s attitude toward school.

“My goal is for SGA to make students here be happy to come to school,” Campbell said. “I want the students to view coming to school as a privilege, rather than viewing school as a chore.”

Campbell, a first-time SGA sponsor stated that the students were one of the best aspects of the club.

“I have really enjoyed being a sponsor so far,” Campbell said, “We have a great group [of students] so far. We [Fiore and myself] enjoy this group so much that we wish there was enough room for them all to be a part of SGA.”