Academic Games challenges students nationwide

The players sat tense in their seats, waiting for the head judge to announce the cue to start, knowing this last match would determine their ranking in the season.

“The most stressful part of the competition is the car ride there because you don’t know how you’re going to do,” Subhash Kantamneni, eighth grade communications major said. “But then, when the first round starts, all the nervousness goes away and turns into competitiveness.”

According to, the Academic Games League of America (AGLOA) is a non-profit organization that aimed to develop character. Each year, there were nationwide competitions, all leading up to the annual national tournament in late April.

“Playing forces me to develop higher order thinking skills,” Anthony Li, eighth grade keyboard major said.

Academic Games tournaments in Palm Beach County played three seasons: equations, language arts, and social studies.

“For math, it’s more improvising. For social studies, it’s more studying and reading,” Li said.

The current season is language arts, which had two components: Propaganda, a reading game where players recognized techniques of persuasion, and LinguiSHTIKS, a cube game that challenged players to improve their grammar.

“[For Propaganda] I read the book. I read the book more. I ask my dad to quiz me on the questions from the book, and then I’m prepared for the next tournament,” Kantamneni said.

The player presented her correct sentence to her competitors, knowing she had sealed her win for the round.