New smart football helmet reduces injury, protects athletes

New smart football helmet reduces injury, protects athletes

Until just recently, the protocol for treating potential concussions had always been looking at the player’s head. But now a fresh wave of technology has been developed, hidden inside football helmets.

They did much more than a visual inspection could ever do, they developed data that could help detect concussions in real time.

Known as smart football helmets, these helmets were designed to measure the force of on-field collisions and notify when a player may have had a possible concussion or when their health may be in danger.

Riddell, an American company specializing in sports and football equipment, is the developer of the sensors equipped in the football helmet.

The helmet’s crown contained a flexible panel that squeezed upon impact, reducing the force of collisions. Meanwhile, the helmet can be fitted with sensors that send wireless alerts to handheld devices on the sidelines, telling coaches when a player had sustained an unusually forceful hit to the head.

According to, the helmet is available online and at football equipment stores, where it cost $1000. A mouth guard that measures acceleration is also included.

The smart football helmet could definitely identify potential concussions better compared to just looking at an injury. And now players can be safer on the field.