FSA testing: after long wait, students receive scores

Last spring, students in Palm Beach County all clicked submit on their computers, ending weeks of Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) testing. Now parents, students, and teachers all await FSA Achievement Levels that they had expected to get in September.

“Normally, parents, teachers, and students would have already received Achievement Levels- but this year, the state delayed the process because cut scores have not been voted on and given final approval by the state legislature,” Sally Rozanski, school principal, said.

In previous years, students received scores ranging from one through five, one being the lowest possible score and five the highest. These scores are known as Achievement Levels, and levels 3 and above are considered proficient.

“In January, once the cut-scores are approved, Achievement Levels for each student should be determined,” Rozanski said.

Parents, students, and teachers received percentage scores through an Individual FSA Student Report on Nov. 9.

“Based on the proposed cut scores, I determined achievement levels for students,” Rozanski said.

If the proposed Achievement Levels are used, then Bak will remain the top middle school in the county in academic achievement.

Rozanski said, “We were very well-prepared and familiar with the testing system, and we conducted practice tests. This preparation, coupled with the hard work of the students and staff, resulted in high academic achieving scores.”