Students should care about elections

Rash decisions on politics, chaos in the economy, a fallout in education, and a drastic change in the environment are just a few potential possibilities if students do not care about the upcoming presidential elections.

In order for our country’s safety to be secured, teenaged students in middle school through high school should pay attention and keep up to date with the elections in America.

Once we grow up, some of us will go on to become part of one of the branches in government. Most students in middle school will be able to vote by age 18 in the 2020 elections. To ensure that the best choices are made, those future senators or possible president has to focus on how elections work.

For most students, topics like the economy are difficult to understand. According to Carlos Azuz from CNN, just because they are difficult subjects to understand, does not mean we should not pay attention.

In fact, we must understand the past errors so we will not repeat them again in the future.

Many students do not appear to be interested into the 2016 presidential elections but they can and should be.

According to, the average teenage student could not name four out of the field of 22 candidates.

Teenagers believe that their opinion makes no difference, so why care at all. On the contrary, many adults think that just because students cannot vote does not mean they should not care.

“Every decision that is made by politicians, whether it be on the national level or the local level are going to affect you, and what the future of this country is like,” Myrna Whitworth, the Chairwoman of the Fredrick County Democrats, from an interview by The Lance, said.

Although, the problem with students not caring about the current elections can be resolved.

Those who educate themselves will gain a higher knowledge of politics and will better understand how the elections work.

“Be educated on [the issues]. Read what you can and just educate yourself on what the issues are and then make your own decisions based on your own beliefs,” Whitworth said from The Lance.

JoeyLynn, Hough Chairwoman of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee, from an interview by The Lance said, “Do your own research. Don’t listen to what others have to say. Don’t follow the crowd. Be a leader.”