SGA sells to help unprivileged children

‘Twas the season of giving, and everyone deserved the chance to get presents and gifts, but some families were less fortunate, so Bak’s Student Government Association (SGA) decided to do something about it.

The Student Government Association at Bak wanted to give back to the community.

“We always say that we are going to help someone, but rarely do we ever follow through with our promises. SGA wants to really make that promise into reality,” Kevin Ray, SGA president said.

The fundraiser SGA held will provide gifts and resources to underprivileged students at the school Pleasant City.

“We all want to be remembered during the holidays, and we want to let these students know that we do care about them,” Sharon Campbell, SGA sponsor, said.

To go about raising money for Pleasant City, SGA sold candy canes in the court yard for one dollar each.

“Of course, we did not have the money sitting around to just give them, so we had to find some way to make money, so we decided on candy canes, which followed the season,” Deborah Fiore, SGA sponsor said.

SGA, does not only strive to “provide the school with resources to make it better”, but also feels that “giving back is even more of a responsibility,” Ray said.

“When I think about giving back, I am not just thinking to myself, how can I make my school better, but also what can I do to make the community feel like the students appreciate it. That is why I ran for SGA president,” Ray said.

SGA was not going to stop at giving back to underprivileged students, but is now starting a second fundraiser for orphans who are “forgotten every year after Christmas,” according to Campbell.

“It seems like people only care about these orphans one time a year, and after that they are forgotten,” Fiore said.

SGA’s main goal was “to help”, Ray said.

Ray said, “If we do not give to the people who are in need, who else will? Our school community is just as important as the community around us.”