Appreciate the arts: it is why we are here

Bak MSOA: Bak Middle School of the Arts. The keyword in that statement is “Arts”. Unfortunately, the sad reality is that staff and students at our school do not support the arts.

The Portfolio staff believes that everyone at Bak should appreciate and support the arts because after all, it is why we are here.

Out off 20 students surveyed, 90 percent of them thought that their major was not appreciated. This is a significant problem because the arts is what brought us all together here.

Additionally, 95 percent of students thought that Bak needed to showcase the arts more often. Although 70 percent of students felt that the annual Artsgiving event helped them appreciate the arts more, 90 percent of them thought that the school could do more than Artsgiving.

Also, 80 percent of students felt they do not go to enough performances and only 40 percent of students said their teachers regularly took them. Once again, these statistics circle back to the fact that the arts are not being showcased enough at the school.

On top of all of this, 55 percent of students surveyed admitted that they or their friends have criticized other majors before. This is a problem because it means that art areas are not being showcased enough so students realize the hard work that comes with each one.

The majority of the student body is affected by this problem because they are not exposed to other art areas they do not realize the work required with a music concert, a dance performance, a visual showcase, a play in theater, or producing a publication.

There are several ways to fix the problem. First of all, the school can require teachers to take their students to some performances. Is missing out on an hour and a half of geometry, language arts, science, or history really going to affect students fifteen years down the road? Besides, we’re not talking about every single performance, only one or two per quarter.

Also, the school can have more events like Artsgiving. Give students the opportunity to get an inside look at each major so they can grow to appreciate all majors more.