Students weigh in on latest ‘Star Wars’ movie: ‘The Force Awakens’


Source: Tribune News Agency

Chart showing the position of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" in the top grossing films of all time. Tribune News Service 2016

Walking into the theater heavy with anticipation. As the opening sequence and music began, the audience went silent, but then burst into spontaneous applause. The audience was then whisked into a galaxy far, far away. That’s right. It was Star Wars, “The Force Awakens.”

“When I finally sat down and the opening scroll hit and the music started, I just started blubbering; I was so happy,” Douglas Battle, eighth grade history teacher, said.

The fans could all agree that “The Force Awakens” was much better than the prequels and not far behind the originals when it came to their favorites.

“It was better [than the prequels] because they were boring and they didn’t lead anywhere, but it was about equal with the originals,” Jack Gill, a seventh grader at Independence Middle School, said.

Battle was “worried about them [Disney] introducing new characters,” but overall the fans were pleased about the introduction of Rey, Finn, and BB-8.

“I liked Finn [played by John Boyega] because he was witty and because his Stormtrooper background made for a good twist,” Battle said.


Speaking of characters, some fans were displeased with the performance of Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver), the new villain in the saga.

“I didn’t like him,” Matthew Gill, scientist at Scripps Research Institute and father of Jack Gill, said. “He was a bit lame. I thought he would look a lot more sinister when he took his mask off.”

Some fans were shocked when Kylo Ren killed his father, Han Solo [ Harrison Ford]. Others saw it coming.

“I wanted to scream because I was shocked that they would kill such a beloved character in the saga,” Jack Gill said.

According to Yahoo News, “The Force Awakens” reached $1 billion in a record 12 days. Fans are not surprised by that feat at all. Battle commented that “It’s cool that it has gotten there.”

“I’m not surprised because they [Star Wars] have three generations of people that are into them. You’ve got the 40 year-olds who saw the originals, the 20 year-olds who saw the prequels, and now the 10 year-olds who saw this one,” Matthew Gill said.

A few Star Wars fans were worried about the direction Disney was taking Star Wars.

“Disney has saturated the market with Star Wars. I’m worried that it is going to become too much and people are going to lose interest,” Battle said.

Even with any mistakes that Disney may have made, Jack Gill agrees that “The Force Awakens” is an “amazing movie,” and will keep up the legendary status of the Star Wars saga.

“It was a phenomenal movie,” Battle said. “This one just blows others out of the water.”