Social media, music apps make appearances in 2016

From YouCam Beauty to, a variety of unique apps have been trending in 2016.

“Apps where you can see other people, like photo and video apps, are starting to become popular,” Francesca Delguzzi, seventh grade communications major, said.

Many new social networking applications have been climbing the charts recently. Among those was Peach. Users could “wave” or “blow a kiss” to their friends.

“I’ve heard about Peach through my friends and the internet,” Joshua Kenny, seventh grade communications major, said. “It looks like a different way to connect with friends.”

Arriving shortly after Dubsmash, a lip sync app that took the charts by storm, came, an app with the same idea but added features, such as time lapse.

“ is expected to become more popular this year because it’s an easy app that a lot of kids can do,” Delguzzi said.

PHHHOTO, a “moving photo app”, has also become well-known. Users take multiple photos, which are then streamed together and turned into a gif.

“A lot of people post PHHHOTOs on Instagram,” Kenny said, “It will become popular because it’s a mix between a photo and a video.”

Other apps, such as YouCam Beauty and Perfect365, were useful for other purposes. People could edit their selfies to make it appear as if they were wearing makeup.

Hannah Gardner, seventh grade theater major, said, “I like beauty apps because they help girls experiment with makeup and see what looks good on them.”