0 to 100 real quick: StoreDot offers lightning fast charging speeds

With each new generation of smartphone becoming increasingly more compact and lightweight one major factor is greatly affected, battery life.

According to All Business the average time to charge a smartphone fully is around two hours. StoreDot an Israeli founded company plans to do this in under a minute.

Originally unveiled at Microsoft’s Think Next Conference in 2014, the company has since then been working on ways of charging larger batteries in the least time possible.

Currently, StoreDot is testing three different design variants for its chargers, 20x, 100x, and 200x models. Like the names suggest, these chargers can respectively charge a smartphone 20, 100, or 200 times as fast as a conventional charger would.

However, the downside to this is that they require specially designed connectors, and any charger faster than the 20x requires significant modifications to the user’s phone. The models themselves are as big as a standard laptop charger.

The charger relies on organic amino acids called peptides. When these link together they form proteins, making peptides popular amongst body builders. However, these proteins are put to use in a very different way in order to effectively reduce the charging time. When connected to a smartphone’s battery, the amino acids are set in motion, producing the shortened charging period.

Doron Myersdorf, CEO of StoreDot predicts that by 2017, the company should have their special chargers on store shelves. Myersdorf recognized that the solution being proposed by their company has its limitations. With the smartphone world quickly switching to reversible connectors such as the new USB-C and apples lightning cable, the chargers require a special one.

Myersdorf said in an interview with CNN, “They [phone manufacturers] can implement it however they want, but I need 20 pins [a larger phone port] to do it.”