New technology allows for better body surfing

   Imagine soaring on the waves like Poseidon, boogie boarding without the board, charging waves like never before. This is what the new WaveWrecker promises.

The WaveWrecker was created by Nick Gadler, a water sports enthusiast and entrepreneur who thought there was more to body surfing then what was available. His new body suit allows for more buoyant floating and better wave catching experiences.

The suit offers two sizes, kids and adults. The adult size retails online for $400 and the kid’s size retails online for $300. The suit “incorporates flexible and buoyant, super-durable, closed-cell foam,” according to the WaveWrecker’s website, which allows for more waves rode without wipe-outs and provide for a smoother experience when on the water.

Normally avid body boarders use swimming fins to increase speed, but the WaveWrecker features 11 built-in fins, not requiring additional purchase.

Chris Weiss, a writer for, reviewed the WaveWrecker as taking away the “free, simple attraction of diving into the ocean and catching a wave without spending hundreds on boards, fins and other equipment.”

The WaveWrecker is perfect for thrill seekers, people that want a new twist on watersports, and those who are willing to spend the money.