Oscars by the numbers

2- Number of Oscars’ director Steven Spielberg has purchased and returned back to the Academy.

5- Previous acting winners re-nominated this year.

10- Out of 11 of Warner Bros nominations were given to “Mad Max.”

11- Number of nominations for both “The Turning Point” and “The Color Purple” without a single win.

12- Number of nominations “The Revenant” got, making it the film with the most number of nominations this year.

13- People who are part of the EGOT club, winning an Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony in competition.

14- Record number of wins for a single film, held by both “All About Eve” and “Titanic”.

15- How long the first Oscars were- in minutes.

20- How many hours it takes to make a statuette.

23- Films who only got a single nomination.

25- The age of the youngest person to get four acting nominations (Jennifer Lawrence).

26- Number of nominations FOX Studios got.

59- Walt Disney’s record-setting number of nominations.

87- Age of the oldest nominee for the best original score award (Ennio Morricone).

88- Years since the first Oscars were held in 1928.