Wahlberg and Ferrel face off in ‘Daddy’s Home’

Motion picture, “Daddy’s Home,” hit theaters on Christmas Day 2015, and was directed by Sean Anders. The movie grossed $212.7 million.

The movie began with Megan (Scarlett Estevezone), of the children, presenting drawings to her stepfather Brad (Will Ferrell) that showed how apart he was from the family. As the pictures progressed, it was clear how Megan and her brother, Dylan (Owen Wilder Vaccaro) finally considered Brad as family.

Throughout the story, the ex-husband, Dusty (Mark Wahlberg), returns to his family after finding out his ex-wife (Linda Cardellini) remarried and tried to take back his family.

“Daddy’s Home” was rated PG-13 for mature humor, suggestive content and language.

It had a good plot-line with comical jokes. Although, the few effects that were added into the movie were surreal, meaning they looked obviously fake, and made the scene unrealistic.

One scene where the stepfather, Brad, tries out Dusty’s motorcycle to “show him up” was one of many scenes where the two characters try to outdone another. In the scene, Brad did not know how to control it, leading to him crashing into the house. The special effects made the crash scene seem unreal.

However, actors such as Hannibal Buress (Griff), Bobby Cannavale (Dr. Emilio Francisco) and even actors with minor parts like Roger (John Cena), brought comedy and life to the big screen.

One specific scene in the movie was where Dylan, told Brad and Dusty how some kids at school were bullying him. At a father/daughter dance, they soon realize that their son’s tormentors were girls, yet they had taught Dylan how to fight his bullies.

The director also did a great job with keeping an engaging audience all through the duration of the film; either by cracking jokes or creating a surprise twist. “Daddy’s Home” definitely kept the viewers laughing the whole time.

I gave “Daddy’s Home” four out of five stars since it gave an entertaining plot, talented actors and a humorous plot line, but minor parts throughout the film were unrealistic.