‘Crunch’-the truth behind the shell

I reviewed four taco restaurants based on their cleanliness, customer service, taste, value, and cost.

When I walked into Tijuana Flats, I was greeted by a friendly cashier who was knowledgeable about the excessive and confusing menu.

The restaurant had a hot sauce bar which contained 15 sauces, ranging in spiciness from “Sissy Sauce” to “Death Wish.”

At $3.30, it was the most expensive taco I reviewed.

The taco had a good blend of ingredients and a unique taste, but it was so big that it was hard to keep it from falling apart.

I gave Tijuana Flats three out of five stars because of the helpful staff and price value.


The next taco I tasted was from Taco Bell.

The restaurant was fairly clean, and I ordered a Crunchy Taco, which did not have much flavor. The only ingredients were ground beef, lettuce, and cheese.

The menu had a lot of variety and was easy to understand. The service was somewhat slow. Also, the cashier was not paying attention to my order.

At $1.19 per taco, Taco Bell was the cheapest place I visited. It also had the smallest taco I tried.

I gave Taco Bell two and a half out of five stars because it had a great menu, but poor service.


Chipotle had the best customer service out of the four restaurants I visited. The cashier explained the menu to me with excitement.

The food was even better. The ingredients were fresh, however there was a mediocre variety of toppings. The taco did not fall apart easily and had a lot of flavor.

The simple menu made ordering easy, and the food was out in no time.

The taco was averagely priced at $2.75 per taco.

I gave Chipotle four and a half out of five stars, deeming it the best taco I reviewed; the taco was delicious and the service was excellent.


The final taco I tasted was from Moe’s Southwest Grill.

The restaurant’s appearance was clean, and there was friendly customer service, and there was a bit of a long line.

There was a lot of variety on the menu, and many of the items were given unique names such as “Art Vandalay” and “Close Talker.”

I ordered a ground beef taco with a hard shell, which cost about $2.99 per taco.

While the overall taste of the taco was okay and the ingredients were fresh, the shell fell apart almost immediately.

I gave Moe’s Southwestern Grill three and a half out of five stars; it had creative menu items but bland taste.