WBAK radio allows students to communicate easily

Pencils moving, clock ticking, the deadline comes near as she edited the final segment of the radio project.

“I think that the WBAK radio is important because it’s an easy way to access some of the school’s most important information,” Anamaria Navarrete, radio student said.

Students can listen to the radio from the app “SoundCloud,” tune in to 1500 AM, or follow the link on the newspaper website. With projects and challenges every day, the class is deadline-driven.

“Working with them always puts a smile on my face; they always have new and interesting ideas and they work hard to put together the radio,” Shakendra Moorer, radio advisor said.

“Radio not only helps me become a better communications major with public speaking, but Mrs. Moorer teaches us to grow as a person too,” Emilia Boulon, radio student said.

With so many personalities, the crew did have some challenges along the way, but they worked together to improve their segments on news, movie reviews, school events, etc.

Navarrete said, “Since we’re a group of people with so many personalities, it’s great to work together, and see all those personalities come together in the segment.”