Organized Chaos gives students opportunity to be published

The next edition of Organized Chaos, projected to be available for purchase in late April-early May, holds sketches and literary pieces from the students at Bak.

Organized Chaos, a literary magazine, provides students with a real world application for how publishing a book or a magazine works.

“This is a great way for [students] to experience what it is like to work on a magazine, and what it is like to be a part of one,” Isabella Kjaerulff, eighth grade communications major said.

Although it is published by the yearbook staff, the content comes from Bak student submissions.

“Any student in any grade and any major can submit their work,” Kjaerulff said. “It allows every major to come together and have their talent published and showcased.”

The literary magazine also follow a specific process before being published.

“After getting all the writing and art for the magazine, I put it all on a master file,” Katherine Oung, seventh grade communications major said. “The experience of creating the magazine lets me see how it is published professionally.”

Starting in 2006, the Organized Chaos will reach its 10th volume with the upcoming publication.