Visual majors showcase work, celebrate success every nine weeks

Comprised of pictures, paintings, wire, mixed media, and alien babies, the visual arts department held the annual spring showcase.

“It makes you want to work harder, if you know your piece is going to be displayed in the show. ‘You want to be proud of it and have everyone look at it and say ‘oh look at this!’ Savannah McCline, seventh grade visual major, said.

The visual arts department holds a showcase every nine weeks in the William Koch gallery in the Mainstage Theater lobby.

“We do a showcase to celebrate students success, and everything they have accomplished in a nine weeks,” Michelle Sherman, visual arts teacher said. “We also do it to show parents and faculty what we are working on.”

The gallery also provides a different perspective for students from other majors, allowing them to experience visual arts through a gallery.

“It shows other major students what their peers are thinking, and even though they are focused on their major, it lets them be aware of what other people are doing, which is great because we take our kids to performances, which lets them be well versed in different art areas,” Thomas D’Auria, visual arts teacher said.

Students also looked forward to the showcase and being able to have their artwork displayed.

Samuel Friedman, sixth grade visual major said, “I like people to see what we are doing and what we are capable of doing. You want to show off. There is no point in doing a piece of art nobody is going to see.”

Art allowed the students to express their thoughts in different ways and through various mediums.

Eighth grade visual major Vyona Smith said, “The reason I started drawing was because it’s a great way to express myself. You don’t have to be good at speaking, you can just draw. The picture speaks for itself.”

The showcase attracted many visitors’, and featured many different mediums.

Sally Rozanski, principal, said, “The reason why this gallery was created was so that whenever someone comes through to the theater, they come through the gallery. It is like a living museum. That’s what allows it to be see and accepted by everyone.”