Student to mentor: former visual major Rebecca Mock visits her alma mater


Photo courtesy of Tori Maxwell

Smiling, Rebecca Mock shows students her influences early in her career. She gave students ideas on how to develop their own individual styles as artists, and how to work past any obstacles. “She kept on telling us to keep trying. Even if you present work to someone who rejects it, eventually someone will take it,” Sydney Williams, eighth grade visual major said.

Former Bak visual arts student Rebecca Mock visited the school to speak to students on the visual arts career field.

  Eighth grade visual major, Sydney Williams said, “I really wanted to pursue a career in photography or comics, and so meeting her showed how I could have a possible career in comics, as it looked like something I would really enjoy.”

  Mock, who graduated Bak in 2003, was also a former student of Stephanie Chesler, visual arts teacher.

  “[Mock’s success] makes me feel fantastic. It gives me a lot of self-satisfaction to see someone like her,” Chesler said.

  She also showed some of her own work to students, giving them inspiration.

  “It was interesting to see how she developed two completely different art styles,” Michael Laurito, eighth grade visual major, said, “and then to see how she perfected it. She was a digital media artist that was influenced by both painting and line art.”

  Her success was not only about her career, but also about her passion.

  “She [Mock] does not do it for money,” Chesler said. “She does it because she has a real passion, and she is so successful in the fact that she does what she loves.”