The candy cane has a long, interesting history

Candy canes have long been a prominent feature of the holiday season.

According to, the first candy cane was created at the request of a German choirmaster in 1670. He had a crook added to the top of each stick, which would help children remember the shepherds who visited the infant Jesus. It was originally all white.

According to, candy canes first appeared in America around 1870. A German immigrant named August Imgard decorated the Christmas tree in his Wooster, Ohio home with candy canes. In 1919, candy maker named Bob McCormack began making candy canes and by the middle of the century, his company, Bob’s candies, became famous for their candy canes. According to, confectioners added the peppermint flavor and red stripes in the early 20th century.

According to the website,, each year about 1.76 billion candy canes were made and 90 percent of candy canes were sold between Thanksgiving and Christmas. At one Spangler facility, 1.5 million candy canes were made per day. In fact, candy canes were the number one selling non-chocolate candy in the month of December.   Dec. 26 was National Candy Cane day, celebrating this sweet treat and its history.