Snapchat Spectacles record every moment

Imagine a world where eyes are cameras, uploading footage and sharing it for the world to see. This concept had become a reality for many with Snapchat Spectacles.

Snap, Inc. released the Spectacles on Nov. 10, when they first appeared on Venice Beach, CA, according to

Snapbots, which were minion-like vending machines that carried the Spectacles, had temporarily arrived at locations across the United States. However, they stayed for a day at most with no warning of where the next one would arrive.

Customers purchased the Spectacles directly from the Snapbot. They gained popularity due to the mystery of when they would change locations, which was usually every few days.

“They’re really hard to get,” Braden Romano, eighth grade communications major, said. “I saw them, and just couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Also, they’re really cool.”

Consumers could purchase the Spectacles in black, pink, or blue. One popular location where the spectacles were sold was the Florida State University campus, which was where Romano bought his pair.

“When we saw the Snapbot, we ran as fast as we could,” Romano said. “We saw that we were less than 500 feet away from it.”

Lights near the frames turn on when the glasses are recording, according to The videos were then directly saved to the user’s Snapchat Memories.

The Spectacles were originally priced at $129, but due to an increasing demand, some sold on eBay for as high as $300.

“They are definitely worth what they cost,” Romano said. “They’re really exclusive, and you can’t get them online or anywhere else for that price.”