New MacBook Pro improves from last MacBook


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The new MacBook Pro design has a thinner body and is lighter and smaller than previous Macs. It had an OLED touch panel (the touch bar) replace the function keys, and Touch ID, which quickly unlocks the Mac and make purchases using Apple ID and Apple pay.

On Oct. 27, Apple released the newest MacBook Pro. The computer contained more features and upgrades from the old Mac Book.

According to, the new computer had twice as loud volume and enhanced bass.

MacBook Pro’s keyboard has also been redesigned to include the butterfly mechanism. The butterfly mechanism was a way to keep the track pad stable. It had a single assembly made from a stiffer material allowing for a more responsive key that took up less vertical space.

According to, the graphics were 130 percent faster, the computer was 17 percent thinner, and the computer had 67 percent brighter display. There were two different size models, 13 and 15 inches.

MacOS, the operating system of each Mac, includes a collection of apps such as iCloud, which allows Mac devices to work together.

MacBook Pro now featured P3 color. It offered 25 percent more colors available than standard RGB.

Apple was excited about the new the Touch Bar. It replaced the function keys at the top of the keyboard. Based on what is going on in the computer, it showed relevant tools. It could rotate and add filters to photos, adjust the color of text, or breeze through the internet.

In an interview with CBS, Jony Ive, Apple executive, told them, “There’s a number of designs that we explored that conceptually make sense. But then when we lived on them for a while, sort of pragmatically and day to day, they are sometimes less compelling. This is something we lived on for quite a while before we did any of the prototypes. You really notice or become aware of something’s value when you switch back to a more traditional keyboard.”