Open house allows students to show work to parents


As parents and students filed into the building, students anxiously waited to show them what they had learned in their first few months at Bak. The communications mixer was held on Dec. 14.

“At the open house, you were the one to communicate with your parents and get them to understand the project you created,” Carina Wang, sixth grade communication major, said. “The open house was the first time I presented the things I do at Bak to my parents and I will remember it forever.”

The showcase allowed parents to explore the work their students did in communications every day.

“I feel that it’s important to have these showcases. I was able to show how I used Photoshop [and] part of my radio segment,” Sarah Sams, sixth grade communications major, said.

Both parents and students enjoyed this “great night,” Sandra Nemes, sixth grade communications major, said.

Nemes said, “It made me happy and proud to be able to share my knowledge and work with my family and friends.”