Winter Pep Rally begins break with pizzazz


Photo by James Walter

Sean Ache, technology specialist, sings the Star Spangled Banner to begin the pep rally’s festivities. Some of the games played included Three Point Shoot-Out and the Bottle Flipping Relay.

Rounding out the first semester of the year, the Winter Pep Rally took place on Dec. 22, 2016 in the gym. As tradition would have it, there were plenty of games, competitions, and performances.

“The pep rally was amazing. I had a great time. It was a great way to start the break,” Ben Meller, seventh grade vocal major, said.

Students signed up for games and represented their grade in the cafeteria. Games included Reindeer Relay, Three Point Shoot-out, Antlers Ring Toss and a Bottle Flipping Relay.

“I was mostly looking forward to the games because we had some exciting ones this year,” Shakendra Moorer, communications teacher and pep rally organizer, said.

The games had students and teachers participating, while the rest of the students could cheer on their peers from the bleachers.

“My favorite part was when my friends and I were cheering and screaming for seventh grade. It was cool to support our grade,” Kaja Andric, seventh grade communications major said.

The Winter Pep Rally also had several performances including the step team and cheerleaders. It was a chance for the teams to show the school their hard work.

“The applause for the Step Team was so loud that you could see the bleachers shaking. They were just that good,” Andric said.

The event also allowed students to show their school spirit. Students wore silver, white, or blue depending on their grade level. Before the pep rally, Spirit Week took place where students and teachers dressed up in different themes such as Pajama Day and Disney Day.

“The pep rally lets some of the students’ anxiety and stress go away,” Andric said. “It shows our school spirit and helps diffuse any rivalry between grades in a good way.”