New year brings new resolutions

The clock strikes 12. Fireworks shoot off, people celebrate. It is a new year. And with it, comes resolutions to be more organized, get better grades, and to be more spiritual.

“My resolution has to do with my inner self. What I think in my mind and feel in my heart,” Barbara Sherry, charity worker, said.

Sherry’s New Year’s resolution came from observing the ups and downs of 2016 “political wise and with society.” Her resolution was to become more in touch with herself and to help others using her kindness.

“If I hear people who treat me with disrespect, I do not want to be associated with them and their adversity. If I do not feel comfortable, I will step away so that my work and my help can be used for something charitable,” Sherry said.

According to, the top three most popular New Year’s resolutions are to get healthier, get organized, and live life to the fullest, whereas Sherry’s resolution is more in depth.

“My past New Year’s resolutions were more like everybody else’s, but this resolution has to do with mankind itself. People have changed and I have climbed a higher ladder and I feel good about it: I feel spiritual,” Sherry said.

Veronica Wagner, wife and mother of two, had a resolution to be more organized. Wagner said she had “a desire to start the year fresh” when coming up with her resolution.

“I feel like I would be more productive in my life if everything was organized,” Wagner said.

According to, only 45 percent of Americans usually make a New Year’s resolution and only eight percent successfully achieve their resolution.

“I think it’s important to have some goals for yourself all the time, but New Year’s is a great time for new goals,” Wagner said.

Bridget Frawley, middle school student, had a resolution to get better grades in science. The only obstacle in her way is “lots and lots of pop quizzes and that final exam.”

“I want to get straight A’s on my report card at the end of the year. Last year, my school didn’t grade us with A’s and B’s, so getting straight A’s will make me feel accomplished,” Frawley said.

Frawley believed she will be motivated to get better grades in science by taking good notes and focusing in class. Frawley said her family is also one of the main reasons she thinks she will succeed with her New Year’s resolution.

“My family is going to support me and they’ll understand if I make a mistake but they’ll keep encouraging me to reach my goal,” Frawley said.

After the clock strikes 12 and the last of the fireworks go off, the New Year will begin. The following year will have new personalities, new adventures, and new resolutions.