The cube that leaves people fidgeting with excitement

Ashley Kulberg

The Fidget cube weighs about 4.1 ounces and has an area of 1.3 inches. The product creators came up with the idea because they wanted people to think of fidgeting as a positive idea, rather than negative, according to

Designed specifically to aide those who have various disorders such as anxiety, the Fidget Cube is currently a popular demand online.

The cube’s six sides each feature a different function. For example, the side titled glide features a joystick that rotates in a 360 degree circle, similar to that of a gaming controller.

The other sides include breathe, a side that resembles a worry stone and feels cool in the hand. Spin, or a dial that spins infinitely and makes a small clicking noise as it moves that is considered satisfying by many people. The Roll side consists of three gears and a metal ball that click when they are maneuvered, the metal ball also is meant to feel cool in the holder’s hand. Flip is a switch that makes a louder noise the faster it is pushed. Also click, which has five buttons, three make noise and two are silent. According to, the clicking noises the cube makes soothe the user and the movement of hands allows the brain to focus more on every day tasks.

The product, originally appearing on, raised over $6.4 million for its creative idea. It is commonly referred to as the “ultimate stress relieving toy” according to

The product comes in a total of eight different colors that consist of dice, retro, graphite, midnight, sunset, aqua, berry, and fresh.

The company has also recently come out with an accessory called prism. It is a small rubber case that is designed to protect the cube as well as make it easier to carry around since it has an attached keychain that can be removed.

The fidget cube, according to, is said to be a creative idea that puts together various objects that people use to fidget into one portable cube that anybody can enjoy.