Past and present come together in 20th annual winter dance concert


Nikita Tanguturi

At the concert, students performed pieces from various types of dance, including ballet, modern and jazz. “I felt very uplifted and joyful,” Jacqueline Albanese, seventh grade dance major said, “Dancing is what I love to do.” Albanese sautéed across the stage in a ballet piece.

Celebrating 20 years, the dance dept. held their annual winter performance on Jan. 27 and 28, which showcased students of all three majors.

“Dance is something that I love doing,” Chelsea Costa, eighth grade dance major, said, “and no matter how many times I have performed, I always get nervous right before I go on stage.”

In the dance program, students got the opportunity to be exposed to different areas of dance through master classes, which Ashley Kung, eighth grade dance major, calls “inspirational.”

“The [classes] I have taken have allowed me to really dance outside my comfort zone,” Kung said. “They have taught me to push myself. I feel that you can never get enough because each one has something different to offer.”

Students and teachers have enhanced their dance and teaching skills for the past 20 years.

“The dancers continue to be stronger in both technique and artistry over the year,” Martha Satinoff, dance teacher, said. “The expectations continue to rise.”

Year by year, the program added more opportunities for students to share their talent with others, while improving.

Hollond Schiller, dance teacher, said,  “We work hard to provide our students with a professional atmosphere that will prepare them for the concert dance stage.  The opportunities seem to get bigger and better over the years.”

Teachers were “a huge part” of student’s successes within the program, according to Kung.

“The teachers are what make the dance program so unique,” Graziella Dal Bon, eighth grade dance major, said. “Each dance teacher brings something so different, from focusing on style to technique, and they all come together to create beautiful pieces.”

The concert, at its twentieth year, was a “showcase of all of the dance majors,” Satinoff said.

“Dance is a performing art,” Satinoff said, “so the opportunity to learn a piece and take it the stage for an audience is an important part of the training of a dancer.”