Bak’s Battle of the Books Club brings home first place for the third time

The students’ sat down at their desks, some with computers to type up questions for Cranium Core, others read the assigned books. Each student preparing themselves for the competition to come for Battle of the Books.


“I mainly prepare for Battle of the Books [BOB] by reading the Sunshine State Young Reader Award [SSYRA] books and occasionally writing questions,” Murleve Roberts, communications (8) said.

To practice for the tournament club members used Cranium Core, a software that quizzed them on the books, to get familiar with books they had not read and to remember the ones they had.

“Even if you don’t know all the books, you still know a bit from them, because of the questions done for each book,” Braeden Denny, band (8) said.

“I enjoy the preparation of the club because it allows us to better remember the books and revisit things by using questions written by both members and our teacher,” Roberts said.

Another technique used was dividing up the books among a team so they could cover more books.

“Each of the members were assigned different books, so different members are more familiar with certain books,” Denny said.

As the competition came around the corner each team studied even more than before going over questions on Cranium Core, and reading and rereading the books to increase their chances. Their chance to be one of the teams to go to the final and win for the third year in a row.